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2022-06-24 20:58:10 By : Ms. Beryl Huang

i'm crying pic.twitter.com/QTAJ5rF3mE

I just put together a raised bed garden planter for our new house. I don't have woodworking tools (or much skill in that domain), so I bought an inexpensive flat-packed raised planter on Amazon. It ended up working out OK, but there were mistakes in the manufacturing which had to be fixed and online reviews… READ THE REST

I absolutely love gardening. READ THE REST

This 6"x10"x14" statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating garden gnomes from SOWSUN is truly the perfect garden decor. Just look at these details! The description is pretty wonderful, too: The garden gnomes statue can be positioned indoors or outdoors depending on where you see fit and enhance vibrant atmosphere. Dinosaur Eating Gnomes Garden Art Outdoor… READ THE REST

Belgian waffles are a blank template for unforgettable weekend breakfasts. From savory creations with avocado, bacon, and goat cheese to the traditional sweet kinds with berries, powdered sugar, and syrup, waffles are unstoppable. However, nothing brings down a waffle-inspired dream morning like the antiquated, dirty waffle iron that cooks unevenly or worse, unexpectedly burns and dries… READ THE REST

Summer is here, which means we're spending less time under blankets and more time under stars. And, while we're no longer chasing the sun quite as fast, sometimes random household chores do need an extra flash of light here and there. This One80 LED Headlamp will help you get the darker things done so you can get back… READ THE REST

From your music streaming subscriptions and bank accounts to your work laptop, passwords unlock the most vital things in our lives. Unfortunately, that's a mess to track unless you're exceptionally organized or have some intricate communication system for your passwords and logins. If you aren't, you might deal with many forgotten unique passwords, annoying security questions, and botched password… READ THE REST

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