poultry house ventilation fan/greenhouse ventilation

Cooling fan advantages 1) There is a centrifugal pushpull device, which make shutters open up completely and keep fresh air constantly into the house. 2) When the centrifugal pushpull device closed, the sealing can 

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Cooling fan advantages

1) There is a centrifugal pushpull device, which make shutters open up completely and keep fresh air constantly into the house. 

2) When the centrifugal pushpull device closed, the sealing can efficiently block light and wind into the house.

3) Cooling fan frame is specially designed for top grade efficiency which made of Krupp stainless steel by punch forming.

Poultry House Ventilation Fan/Greenhouse Ventilation

Cooling fan spicification

The wind speed of the bladeMotor


Outer size
RST-710710 mm650r/min1400- rpm23000 m3/h370W380- V50HZ800X800X450
RST-900900 mm600r/min1400- rpm26000 m3/h750W380- V50HZ1000X1000X450
RST-10001000 mm600r/min1400- rpm30000 m3/h750W380- V50HZ1100X1100X450
RST-11001220 mm560r/min1400- rpm38000 m3/h750W380- V50HZ1220X1200X450
RST-12501250 mm440r/min1400- rpm48000 m3/h1100 W380- V50HZ1380X1380X450
RST-14001400 mm440r/min1400- rpm53000 m3/h1500 W380- V50HZ1530X1530X450

Cooling fan priciple
Poultry House Ventilation Fan/Greenhouse Ventilation

Cooling fan details
The outer frame is made of galvanized board with the thickness of zinc layer 180um 
 Louvered window is made of aluminum alloy, 8 pieces of shutters, galvanized board,0.5mm thickness. Galvanizing layer ,160kg/m2.
Fan blade is made of krupp stainless steel by punch forming,no dust, attactive and durable ,special blades shape design ensure large air volume no deformation, no broken keep air volume same all the way, Thickness 1.2mm.suface finish BA grade.

Motor have domestic brand motor and siemens motor can be chosen, Motor voltage and frequency can be customized  Domestic brand motor joining open phase protection device .When the lack of power can carry out their own power control. Motor protection grade IP55, insulation class F

Poultry House Ventilation Fan/Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouse Cooling Fan/Blower Application

  1. Any industry requiring ventilation and cooling
  2. Workshop
  3. Warehouse
  4. Plant, factory, basement, garage
  5. The fields of Livestock Breeding, Textile Industry
  6. Poultry house
  7. Greenhouse
1. How long is the delivery time? 
      According to your ordering quantity, the delivery time is usually 5-20days. 
2. How long  is the warranty period? 
     1 year 
3. Is your compay foreign trade company or manufacturer? 
    we are manufacturer. 
4. Can you supply sample? 
      Small parts can be supplied, but you should pay the express. 
5. Can your company supply installation drawing? 
    Our company can supply the drawing, but you should send us your building drawing first. 
6.  How to intall the cooling system? 
      First you can install by yourself. 
      If you can't install, we can send engineers to install for you. but you should be responsible for all the cost of installation. 
7. When installing, what cost should we pay? 
      our engineers and workers visas and round-trip tickets, their foods and accommodation, their communication 
8. What is the payment terms? 
    usually the deposit is 30%-50% of total value. Before loading, all the balance shoulde be paid off. Or you can give your own payment terms, then we can negotiate it. 


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